Maritime Operations

AMS was recently awarded the pilotage
for the Port of Brisbane area.

AMS established “Poseidon Sea Pilots” to perform this critical safety task. Poseidon has 28 marine pilots delivering more than 5,000 movements per year.

Pilotage Operations: Poseidon has created new career opportunities for senior mariners who traditionally have not had access to the specialised trade of Pilotage. AMS has sourced Australia’s best ships Captains, ex-Navy navigators and other master mariners to be mentored by 20 unrestricted pilots.

The aspiration is to create a new class of pilot; with different experiences, greater variety of ship handling experience and world-wide exposure to maritime challenges. AMS is the first company to challenge the traditional methods, which date back more than 180 years in Australia.

Emergency Towage: AMS is responsible for the Emergency Towage Vessel (ETV) on the Great Barrier Reef. The Coral Knight is owned by AMS but is tasked by AMSA to perform salvage and emergency towage from the Torres Straight down to Mackay and out 500nm from the Australian mainland.

Ships in distress, damaged or who have hit the reef, are secured by the Coral Knight and made safe for transport to a safe harbour.  The Coral Knight is also capable of containing oil spills. 

Search & Rescue (SAR): AMS is responsible for the logistics and quality control of AMSA’s national SAR capability. AMS key capabilities in this field are:

  • Manage 5,000 line items 
  • Package various air-deployable kits for both land and sea deployments 
  • Test and refill gas canisters in all life rafts annually 
  • Test, replace and repack all kits annually from the AMS HQ in Brisbane 
  • Collect and repack used SAR kits including parachute repacking. 
  • Replenish all SAR kits to 72 locations around Australia.