AMS offers strategic security services to government and its industry partners.

We deliver high-end access control, video management systems and bespoke integrated solutions which leverage the capabilities of a whole security and surveillance network

AMS Group is a certified Gallagher channel partner for Type 1A security equipment and installations.

Type 1A solutions are engineered to ensure Australian Government sites are protected and compliant to the Type 1A 2008 alarms standard. Approved by the Government’s Security Construction and Equipment Committee

(SCEC), the Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors and defends system integrity.

SCEC-approved Type 1A security alarm systems provide malicious insider threat protection not provided by commercial systems. They protect SECRET, TOP SECRET and certain codeword information where the compromise, loss of integrity or unavailability of the aggregate of information would cause extreme or catastrophic damage to Australia’s national security.

Critical Infrastructure & Systems of National Significance

How can AMS Group support industry to meet new legislative requirements?

The new Transport Security Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill 2022 is introducing security risk assessments as part of security programs and plans.  The Bill applies to all industry participants regulated under the Aviation & Maritime Acts and influences supply chain partners to critical infrastructure, for example:

  1. The security and provision of pilotage and tugboat services falls within the chain supply of a Port which is deemed a critical infrastructure
  2. The many suppliers of services into a Port’s infrastructure will need to comply with the new Bill and upgrade their systems and processes
  3. The Port must demonstrate an auditable secure supply chain

This will require stakeholders to perform security assessments and demonstrate actions to mitigate threats.  Operational interference will require critical industry participants to mitigate against any hazard that will have a relevant interference on the integrity, availability and reliability of their operations.  The new security assessment will give industry stakeholders freedom to identify and target the threats that are specific to their operating environment.  This will be an outcomes-based approach, rather than prescribing threats that apply to all.

AMS Group can support industry compliance.  At a minimum, the new legislation proposes rules that would require responsible entities to consider and address risks in the four domains:

  1. Physical security and natural hazards – including access control, video management, perimeter surveillance and physical deterrents
  2. Cyber and information security
  3. Personnel security hazards – specifically malicious insider threats from employees
  4. Supply chain hazards – ensuring supply chain contractors are vetted, identified and on site when they are supposed to be

Interestingly, new powers for security systems testing will be inserted into the Maritime Act which will grant maritime security inspectors the power to test a security system, including by using a test weapon.